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It all started in Miami, Florida importing shower enclosures. Since then the company grew its product lines to includestandard size tempered glass doors, balustrades, stand offs, spigots, base shoes, barn doors, LED mirrors, drill bits  and a full line of shower door hardware. In 2018, Atlanta K & B Dist LLC opened in Atlanta, Georgia as a subsidiary. In the following three years Atlanta K & B Dist LLC gained a great presence in the market offering excellent quality at very competitive prices.

We pride ourselves for bringing quality competitive products to the market. Besides the quality of our products, the foremost important thing to us is customer service. Over these years we have built a strong reliable client base, who understands we are always willing to work together with them.

We have expanded our product mix, coverage area and client base. But the main reason for our growth is our constant commitment to our clients. We pride ourselves for having a good quality product and exceptional customer service.

Showers Enclosures

Obtain a high-quality, long-lasting enclosure that will stand the test of time and provide a modern and elegant touch to your bathroom.

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Bathroom Products

Your bathroom is an opportunity to not only showcase an exquisite design, but to offer better functionality. Add a touch of refinement to your bathroom design.

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Spigots & Standoffs

All of our products are designed with one mission: to offer the absolute best quality product on the market. Our spigots and standoffs are no exception. 

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Bits & Saws

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a well-made and long-lasting bit and saw? Well now you can! Our available options are the solution you have craved!

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